An Open Letter to Robert Kraft and his Tormentors: “Pedophiles Need Treatment, Not Jail Time”

Dear Mr. Kraft and the New England Patriots organization: We are writing to you for two reasons. (1) We are of the belief that pedophilia, while a disorder with no known cure, can be placed in remission. (2) We want to again offer our services, help you to gain a level of abstention from this anti-social behavior, and help you into a regimen of recovery as a life process.

Here are the headlines: Robert Kraft, 77, was linked to a sting that has been going on for months, and his charges relate specifically to “two different visits” to the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in the city of Jupiter, Florida. It is believed that the “employees” in the spa are sex-trafficked slave girls.

To remind you, Mr. Kraft, we offered our services at the beginning of the 2018 campaign immediately after Josh Gordon joined the team. We detailed our rich history in treating substance abuse. We directed your attention to our unique track record with the personality type specific to wealthy athletes like Gordon. (We have appended this previous letter/offer of our services to today’s appeal.) Again, to remind you, you failed to respond to us. The results of this failure on your part are now a matter of the NFL’s historical record.

You now have an even more vexing problem: Mr. Kraft, while enjoying causing pain to children, while supporting the sex trafficking of such, and gaining pleasure from the rape of little Chinese girls is reprehensible on its face, we at Social Justice Education do not believe that jail time will do anything to protect the public from people like you.

First of all, Mr. Kraft, pedophilia is not a disorder with origins in DNA. It is not a biological disorder. Like many addictive behaviors, it is born of trauma, often of social trauma. Many pedophiles have been perpetrated themselves as children. If you have been perpetrated, Mr. Kraft, it may feel humiliating, but your penchant for resolving this trauma by perpetrating little Chinese girls can only be an aborted attempt at resolution, always doomed to failure.

Treating Pedophilia

We at Social Justice Education have deep and long-standing experience in treating pedophilia. First, let us refer you to our published (2014) study, “Of Linebackers and Perpetrators” in which we offered an unequivocal “Yes,” to the question: “Is there a relationship between the culture of football and sexual molestation of children?” Indeed, we are the first to have uncovered this undeniable link.

In the above-mentioned study, we exposed the ideologically driven device of trying to isolate the widespread phenomenon of sexual molestation of children in the U.S. to individual bad actors, and the same effort to cover over the social-system-oriented and era-oriented origin of the phenomenon. In a section of this study entitled “Debauchery as Cultural Norm in Dying Empires,” we established the following:

Football is regarded as co-equal with “American” culture. Indeed, for the most violent culture in the history of humanity, the possessor of a permanent war economy, and a prison system which locks up the highest proportion of its citizens of any country in the history of the world, the sport is based on physically annihilating the opponent. The terms of engagement in football are all military terms — long bomb, spearing, sacks, jail breaks, chop blocks… Millions of drunk fans raucously scream in the stands every weekend for college and pro football. One Western psychologist likened this cultural phenomenon to the gladiators of ancient Rome and Greece — you remember, the slaves who fought each other and animals at the behest of Roman citizens who were frothing at the mouth in reflection of the orgy of violence. Karl Jung caricatured the spirit in football stadiums as one of blood thirst (Lynn, 2014).

Further, in our analysis of the link between football and the tendency to pedophilia among its leaders, we pointed out that this tendency emerges from a social system which is based on violence against women and children. In a study of another religious holiday, Columbus Day (the Super Bowl being the most important religious holiday in this culture), entitled “the Pilgrims are still on the Settler Road” we offered,

The Pilgrims are still training us as porn has established itself as the number-one form of internet entertainment. They are still settling in our souls as violence against women is hammered into our consciousness as co-equal with sexual “fun.”

The Pilgrims are still on Pilgrim Road: sex trafficking children. Through this market, the raping of children has become one of the most popular sports for wealthy men world-wide (2018).

In a study called “Prostitution and Recovery” (Reyes and Lynn, 2001), the authors show the political and economic foundation of the phenomenon of sex trafficking, the international industry of raping little children, and its spiritual roots:

Relationships of economic and political inequality between Western powers, particularly the United States of America, on one hand, and … dominated nations on the other, constitute the social basis for this sex industry in oppressed nations. Because, without these “foreign johns” there would be no economic demand for the product of children’s bodies. Secondly, the relationship of exploitation between the wealthy Western countries, on one hand, and the exploited nations of color, on the other, leads to spiritual decay in the oppressor nations. This spiritual decay is the emotional root cause of the desire to molest little children, which is so widespread as to call forth an entire industry to serve the demand. Only this political/economic analysis can explain this widespread desire to brutalize and degrade children and find such practices pleasurable. Modern psychology helps us little in understanding this widespread social disorder…

Mr. Kraft, you are not a unique, individual bad actor. You are a representative of a class which is living out its dying days. The class of multi-billionaires who preside over the semi starvation of hundreds of millions of people the world over — this class has lost its reason-to-be. It is passing out of history, and on its way it is engaging in wholesale debauchery — the hallmark of all dying classes doomed to exit the historical stage. Mr. Kraft, you are merely one member of the class. The “cure” for the disorder of manufacturing molested children does not rest in pillorying you. It rests in an indictment and finding of “guilty” for the social system. We need a new one based on healthy spiritual principles.

And finally, regarding our expertise in addressing this issue, Mr. Kraft, we offer you the following analysis of international football, which lets everyone know that you are not alone; you are not some individual miscreant; you are part of a social class system, and your misogyny is a phenomenon of the dying of a social class.

In our study, “Who Owns Women’s Bodies” (Lynn and Grupee, 2016), we examined the role played by the social construction of gender in the discriminatory marketing of women’s football.

One top footballer we interviewed witnessed that her value as an elite football player was “never about performance first in female sport. It is always about the hot-factor… They might mention performance, but it is an afterthought” (2014).

The greatest women players in international football feel compelled to pose nude for photos to promote the sport:

Clearly, Mr Kraft, you did not create such an atmosphere. Clearly, you are a cog in the wheel of this culture of hatred against women and children, and your actions which coincide with this culture must be viewed from that perspective. Locking you up will not change this culture, but instead, just as with other pedophiles like Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky, you will be portrayed as the problem rather than as progeny of a debauched social order.

From Supporters to Detractors

The public reaction to the revelations that you are a pedophile run the spectrum from those who say, “What’s wrong with going to a spa?,” to those on the other end who maintain that “once an active pedophile, always an active pedophile.” Clearly, we do not think it is OK to support human sex trafficking, so that you can engage in the pleasures of raping little girls. At the same time, we believe that you can be rehabilitated. We have a program to put such anti-social patterns into remission. You must avail yourself of such.

According to Martin County Sheriff Will Snyder, girls were forced to live in the spa and were prevented from leaving. In this regard, some fans are reacting by lining up New England Patriots’ Super Bowl Rings next to that of Prostitution Rings. Meanwhile, your friend Donald Trump was quick to throw you under the bus, Robert, describing your actions as “horrible and very sad…” Hmmm, Robert, we don’t think he’s your friend. We are your friends. We want to help you.


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Dear New England Patriots Human Resources Administrator:

I want to offer my services to help turn around Josh Gordon’s career. As a registered Recovery Coach, as a devotee of the Recovery Movement for 32 years, and as a Master’s level Mental Health Clinician, I am uniquely qualified to coach Gordon.

The disease of addiction is extremely difficult to get on top of. Psychiatry, psychotherapy and religion have at best provided support for people in recovery. Alone, each of these avenues has zero track record in keeping people clean and in recovery.

I would provide the same rigorous daily recovery program which I provide my clients today, and which I provide all of the people I work with daily in Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. I am a 45-year resident of Boston’s Black community. I share the social experience of Josh Gordon. I am a 45-year fan of the New England Patriots.

Getting hold of a recovery lifestyle is much more difficult for a millionaire than it is for the average citizen. Josh Gordon needs to live a life like an average citizen if he is to get recovery. The turnstile that is the wide receiver group today of our football team will continue turning — in a month, three days, one day? — with Josh Gordon. Any day is a “good day” to use drugs — alcohol, marijuana, etc.

I emphasize my background — in recovery, in the social setting from which Josh comes, in the field of addiction treatment; and I emphasize the timing — I’m certain that you get my point here: He may not last the week.

With these two emphases, I am offering to work full-time, facilitating a recovery lifestyle for Josh. I will be his daily right hand. We will participate in the recovery community throughout the week — NA and AA meetings. We will meet regularly with other recovering addicts. We will have daily check-in “program calls.” I have been in recovery for 32 years, and I make five to ten “program calls” everyday as part of my recovery lifestyle. The disease of addiction is a lifestyle — it encompasses all of one’s attitudes, habits and prejudices. Recovery is a day-at-time, throughout each day life style which can be chosen by anyone. Josh Gordon is just as good a candidate for this lifestyle as I am.

Again, a major obstacle to his recovery is his current — the last six years — economic status. It separates him from the lifestyle of everyday people. The recovery model which we would use together daily, will overcome that obstacle.

I hope you consider this option before Josh’ next relapse. A full-time salary to me would cost a small fraction of what Josh presently makes. But, the benefit to the New England Patriots of a return to his form of six years ago cannot be measured in dollars.


Alexander Lynn, MSHS