Black People and Coronavirus

What I have gathered regarding the theory that Black folk are immune to Coronavirus:

1. Zero cases (March 11, 2020) have been cited of Black Americans;

2. 100 cases of Coronavirus have been cited in the continent of Africa. This, on its own, debunks the theory.

3. This 100 is a tiny % of the world’s diagnosed positives so far.

4. Of these one-hundred, half are in Egypt.

5. Of the 100 Africans, one died (3/10/2020).

6. African Americans make up 13% of the US population (undoubtedly an understatement). We make up 40% of the homeless population (probably an understatement). In these conditions, that population is more at risk for contracting Coronavirus than any other in the country.

7. Keep washing your hands and stay out of crowds.

Most of the information for this note comes from: Wright, Bruce. (March 10, 2020). “Any Black People Gotten The Coronavirus? Debunking Social Media Myths.”