Dear Meg, thank you for your effort. If we do not persevere and continue to try, we will never succeed.

An image for me coming from yours of having read Gone with the Wind 100 times: Wow, how about never reading it again, and instead reading 100 books written by Toni Morrison, Katie Canon, Ylanla Vanzant, Franz Fanon, Amilcar Cabral, Winnie Mandela, Alice Walker, Walter Rodney, Sean Paul Sartre, VI Lenin, Mao Tse-tung… Maybe you are one of those White Americans who can read so fast that you can read Scarlett another 100 times and also read these books?

“In the same way [White American] people use the Harry Potter houses to decide who among their friends is a Slytherin or a Gryffindor…”

“She was just another rich bitch who had no idea how lucky she was…” What could possibly be “lucky” about being a slave owner? Having someone slave for you — what could possibly be “lucky” about such a depraved condition?

“…thinking of Thanksgiving dinners given by parents of friends who’d invite me out of pity.” Hmmmm, maybe they were as “thankful” for their largesse at the dinner table as Scarlett was “lucky” to be a slaver?

“The [White American] Southern writers of the next generation held Mitchell blameless and enshrined her as the keeper of the Old South’s identity…”

Meg, White Americans are 3% of the world’s people. Google-it up: world-7.5 billion humans; US-350 million humans; White Americans-60% of humans living in the US (what you call “America”). Can you, for a moment, think how tired the rest of us (97% of the world’s humans) feel when a White American refers to humans — she really means 3% humanity, but she presents it as if “humans” want to read Harry Potter? I don’t want to read Harry Potter.

From your description of yourself, Meg, you seem to qualify as another type of human being besides the 3% who present as representing all humankind. Apparently independent of your will you are a member of the international working class. Humans who determine to transcend whiteness are known as internationalists — participating in humankind’s efforts at the triumph of the international working class becoming the human race. Such people are called internationalists, revolutionaries, socialists, Womanists and communists. Such White Americans have transcended the “White liberal” status and joined the rest of us.

I support you in your efforts to keep trying.


Alexander Lynn

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