I have always pondered the authenticity of self hence….

Leighton Bennett

I am Me in a sea of Us,

Defined by many years of nurturing by Them,

Me, was never taught to be satisfied with Me.

I was educated, by Them to proudly become Us,

In so obeying, my freedom seemed robbed,

As They made Me feel ohhhh! so, inadequate, without perscribed symbols of power,

Wanting me to,

Look like this

Think like this

Talk like this

Dress like this

Live like this

All with a view for Me to

Abandon Me to become Them

An evolving concept, shaped by the speed of technology.

When I cant be this unattainable silhouette,

I am left in the dark clutches of depression

I am now relegated to nothingness

Now locked in what seems like a moment in a parenthesis

Emptiness swallows my soul.

Me, painstakingly, with every trembling effort

Climbs out, to





My world around me,

From all of this then

Emerges the Freedom of Me.

@Leighton Bennett

April 18, 2016