This White Teacher Stood Up

In we have many African American and other of-Color writers addressing really forefront issues regarding the white supremacist/male supremacist system under which we live in this country. There are also many White Americans addressing the same issues here. I guess it goes with the territory, but I’m generally underwhelmed by the majority of these efforts. Undoubtedly, as a man, my efforts at addressing male supremacy may be received by some women as falling short regularly. That said, this White American teacher went beyond most of the White efforts I’ve seen here. She put forward a thesis: The starting point for all teachers in a social system that is defined by white supremacy must be teaching about the white supremacist system. She then stuck to this throughout, and she ended with it. This is the kind of White American ally the rest of humanity needs as we (humans) endeavor to make it through the disintegration of Western civilization, alive and well. Clearly, doing as some of the comments suggested, “teach some grammar and math, and we’ll be OK” isn’t going to get done our main task regarding education. In every subject, the starting point needs to be teaching about the male supremacist/white supremacist system.