La Insureccion Nacionalista

Josefina Vázquez

October 30 at 4:56 PM ·

The Puerto Rican Nationalist Party organized a series of uprisings that occurred in various Puerto Rican cities on October 30, 1950 including Utuado, Mayaguez, Jayuya, Ponce, San Juan. Political circumstances pushed the date two years earlier than originally planned. The uprisings were suppressed by strong USA ground and air military forces, plus the Puerto Rico National Guard.

Imagine on the island of Puerto Rico an organized attack of USA: ground and air forces, the CIA, the FBI, and the 296th Regiment of the PR National Guard, mentioned in the paragraph above, all aligned to defeat the revolt on October 30, 1950, lead by the Nationalist struggle for independence and self-determination for the purpose of ending the repression of the colony. But, the uprising did not end on that day — it took four years to suppress. Nevertheless, the Movement for Independence, never squelched in Puerto Rico, remains a strong component in the just struggle for freedom to this day.

Nationalist Party Vice President, Lolita Lebron