My Day with my Best Friend

Immigrant Stories, Immigrant Lives

By Sofie Lee

Last week, I went to the cinema with my best friend, Dori. We had two tickets for the X-Men movie. We got to the theatre early, so we went to buy the popcorn, chips and soda. There was a long line for the goodies, so it took a long time to get back to the film room. When we got back to the line to go in to see the movie, it was very long. This is a new movie, and I guess everyone wants to see it, so the line to get in was very long.

After we entered into the room, the movie got started. But, we still needed to find seats, and because the place was packed, the only seats we could see were very far away. We finally settled down into our seats, when Dori decided she had to go to the bathroom.

When she came back from the bathroom she said to me, in a very nervous voice,

“If I told you what I’ve seen in the bathroom, you would not believe me, Sofia!!!”

Alarmed, I demanded, “What have you seen, my dear Dori?!”

She responded, again in a very anxious voice, “I think that I’ve seen a demon!!”

And I said, with a surprised face, “Why do you think that you’ve seen a demon, Dori?”

And she said, “Because I saw a red tail, and because I heard it making demon noises, Sofia”.

After Dori said that she had seen a demon, we saw a boy coming out of the bathroom; he was wearing a dinosaur outfit, and he had a little machine making dinosaur noises.

We left the room laughing so hard, because she was scared that there was a demon. This scene with the “demon” was way better than the movie! The day after we told that to our friends in the school and everyone was laughing about it.

This is one of my favorite stories of my life. I hope that you like it.

your friend,

Sofia Lee.