My Main Value is “The Love of God”

Jose Luis Ponce

[Editor’s note: this essay was written in respone to the writing prompt in Value System,]

When I was a kid, my parents told me, “We believe and love God, because he guides our lives.

I grew adoring God. Now, I think exactly aas I did when I was a child.

I left Mexico at the age of 19 to come to the USA. With much nostalgia for my family, for my country, and for my customs, I arrive in the United States in 1999.

I lived in Texas for three years. Everything went well economically, but very bad spiritually. I lost what was most important: the values my parents taught me, the peace in my heart and true love.

I thought that with money anything could be done. In 2002 I came to Boston. My job and my salary was much better than it was in Texas.. But I was still perfidious in my materialistic ideas.

In 2003 I went back to Mexico for vacation and there I met the love of my life, my wife Daicy. However, three months later I went back to the USA and I lost contact with her for a very long time. It was not until 2005 that I saw her again. She had come to live in Ohio and our love was still very strong. We stayed in continuous contact, and in 2007 we decided to get married.

At the beginning, everything went well. With the passage of time, however, everything changed, problems emerged, and day by day the problems became more complicated.

In 2010 we decided to have a baby. With this as a motivation, things got better for some time. Then the problems came back, and with each day they grew more complicated until the point where we thought that the relationship had no solution.

But God was still in our heart, we prayed to him for many days, so he could fix our relationship. Finally God heard us, and in 2015 my wife was invited me to a spiritual retreat. By participating in this spiritual group, my wife changed very much, for the better, but I was still in the well, sunken in egoism, resentment, pride and avarice, with my heart full of prejudices.

But thanks to God, two months later my wife took me to the same spiritual retreat that she had been going to. To my surprise, there I understood who God really is, and what was the true mission of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thanks to that encounter with God, He changed my life, my way of thinking. When you put yourself at the service of others you begin to feel true happiness. He opened my eyes. I was surrounded by love everywhere and at all times, but my rotten heart didn’t let me notice all the love I had by my side.

There was a huge abyss between God and I. But the abyss was myself. As I grew closer to Him, I found true happiness! Now I live happy with my wife and we enjoy our son, we enjoy life, and the love that surrounds us. For two years we have been finally happy, like it is supposed to be. The love of God reigns in our home, thanks to the Lord Jesus for saving my family!