Of “Fear” and “Accidents”

A protester shines a flashlight in the direction of Kenosha County Sheriffs Deputies outside the Kenosha Police Department.

They say they are shooting us “by accident,” or because they are “scared of us.” Neither of these are true. They did not travel to Africa and kidnap us because they were scared of us. It was no accident when they took 90% of Native America off the planet. When they trained us for slavery, by stealth and violence/murder, they gave birth to their first police stations. Today, there are fascist cabals of KKK and Nazi’s in police departments in every major city in the United States. Every police officer in the country knows this. Trump has called for Nazi’s and KKK to join police departments en mass. A significant criteria for being able to be hired to the police department is to have a mentality similar to the slave catchers. Nazi’s and KKK-types easily gain employment in police departments via Trump’s call. When they attempt to execute fathers by shooting them seven times in the back in front of their children, there is no accident here, and they were not scared of Jake. (We love Jake. How often do their attempts to execute us fall short?) They are sending a message to the Black population of the US; the same message they have been sending to us for four centuries — “you can slave or you can die…” Today, we watch this on videos everyday. This has been an unbroken message and an unbroken program of slavery/genocide for four hundred years. The videos lend them the most sophisticated form of messaging since 1619.

Jacob Blake in a 2019 selfie with his second cousin, Adria-Joi Watkins.