Alexander Lynn

May 25, 2020

4 min read

Of Liberals, Fascists and Black women VP Candidates

[Editor’s Note: This essay is written in response to the powerful argument laid down by Michael Harriot, in the May 23 issue of The Root:]

Dear Comrade Harriot: Your first six paragraphs (in other words, before you begin to apply your spiritual/political principles to the issue of these elections) were so powerful that I sent out the link to your piece to my family members and beyond before reading the rest…

White Americans “have no trouble calling themselves the ‘founding fathers’ of an economic superpower fueled by the bloody brows and calloused hands of enslaved Africans…” Accurate!

“White people are not taught to be racist. America simply turns them into…Well…Americans.” This is what it means to be an American.

“To exist in America is to obey laws written by white supremacists that adhere to a constitution written by white supremacists that reinforce white supremacy. And unlearning something that has been constantly confirmed by what is literally the most powerful institution in the world is a difficult — if not impossible task…. “

The only words I would add to this comprehensive understanding of America are the words “/male supremacist system” to every mention of “white supremacist” — the two systems are identical, interpenetrate with each other, the existence of one is the condition for the existence of the other, in other words, they are coincident systems. Ahead of this, you nailed it.

How did you, Brother Harriot, get from this clean philosophical foundation, and foundation in accurate political economy to conclude that we have to hope this Biden person conscripts a Sister as his running mate in the made-for-TV- drama known as the presidential elections?

The short history of fascism (fascism is one of the forms of state power utilized by the capitalist system/the white supremacist/male supremacist system — it has an illustrious history spanning less than 100 years) indelibly reveals that the liberals, in every endeavor of the fascists, facilitate them; it is central to the liberal project to facilitate the rise to power of fascism. The capitalists, again in this short span covering the last phase, the dying phase of this social system, have needed to resort to fascism, to open military dictatorship, which is the domestic form of the genocidal campaigns, waged internationally, of imperialism (the “foreign policy” of monopoly capital), particularly US imperialism since WWII, against the peoples of the world — specifically nations and peoples of Asia, Africa and Latin America. To be accurate regarding the US system since its inception, Black Americans and People of Color in the US have been living under conditions approximating fascism (chattel slavery, Jim Crow, internment camps, colonization) the entire time of our “stay” here.

Brother Harriot, if the electoral system — a birth child of the constitution, put into practice by “the founding fathers’” you refer to, is white supremacist, how does it escape your purview that no reform of this white supremacist system is going to turn this goose into a duck?

It is one thing for the liberals to help the ruling class utilize its fascist option. It is quite another when Trumpists take a speech by Nancy Pelosi (an ardent, seasoned liberal representative of monopoly capital), run it at 75% speed, make her appear to be slurring her words, and then spin it to go viral — resulting in thousands of “sick Whities” discovering that she is on drugs, drunk or otherwise a ripe and willing nominee for a long stay in a mental institution.

Brother Harriot, we must be thorough going students of history. This is not a racist police officer who at any moment may shoot me or mine in the head (as has been taking place routinely in America for centuries). This is one of the foremost leaders of the Demoblican/Republicrat Party. Hitler first went after the radical activists, the communists, the labor union leaders, that is, the socialist revolutionaries. This fact is left out of most of the ruling class versions of the rise to power of the Nazis and WWII. It is also left understated that once he was done with these “problems,” in addition to scapegoating the Jews, he annihilated his Social Democratic opposition — the liberals. That’s right, the very people whose sycophancy made it possible for him to slide into power. He executed and incinerated the Nancy Pelosi’s of his day. When the front man of US monopoly capital goes after the front lady of US monopoly capital — fascism is well on its way.

Fascism is the unbridled military dictatorship of the most national chauvinist (white supremacist), war-mongering, decadent section of the ruling class. How do you explain placing your faith in a scenario in which manifestly rigged elections (five thousand Black folk were arrested on their way to the polls in Florida in 2016) resulting in the defeat of this fascist movement, a movement facilitated step for step by the liberal project of Barak Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s wing of the Demoblicans/Republicrats? Militarism — the core of the white supremacist/male supremacist system — got a major boost from “our Brother” Barak Obama. To miss this is to have your head in the sand.

Only a mass peoples’ revolutionary movement can stop this tide — a tide for which the liberals are equally culpable as are the fascists. I don’t begrudge those who feel the need to try to get Trump out through a rigged election. To the extent that you present your organizing for such to the people as a tactical element of a mass revolutionary people’s movement, to that degree do I support such. But, we must give our greatest attention to our overarching task — that of mobilizing for the transition from this decrepit social system to a vibrant, pro-human system rooted in the traditions of our peoples to love and care for ourselves and each other.