Opioid Addiction Defining a Social System

Loved Ones, look out (tonite) for the new HBO film, “The Crime of the Century,” which addresses the willful and deliberate addicting of the US population to opioids.

In this presentation, filmmaker, Alex Gibney provides evidence to the effect that the addiction to super-profits among the corporations which make up Big Pharma and the health insurance industry, on one hand, and the addiction to “the economic incentive” to over-prescribe among this country’s most prevalent front line drug dealers, psychiatrists, on the other hand, are more egregious symptoms of the disease of addiction than is the actual physical addiction to opioids.

By virtue of the fact that the first two symptoms are required as the motor which drives the overdose deaths at record rates today, Gibney documents the crisis as the crime of the century. “More than a half million people have died from prescription painkillers, heroin and illicit fentanyl since 1999.” Citing the motives behind the first two offenders, Big Pharma and their street corner drug dealers, psychiatrists, the film further exposes what we have earlier documented (Lynn, People’s Research, pp16–17), that of the absolute collusion on all levels of government, Congress, governors, state legislators, and US foreign policy in joining with the People’s Republic of China in making Fentanyl available at will in the U.S. Fentanyl has resulted in thousands of overdose deaths per month in the last 4 years (16). This collusion is not of the “look the other way” variety. It is active, open partnership in dealing deadly drugs to the US population.

This film is further confirmation of our diagnosis that the symptom of the disease of addiction, that of the profit motive, is the singular most defining spiritual disorder of this social system, enfolding within itself the disorders of male supremacy and white supremacy. The disease of addiction to private property and profits stands as the emblematic spiritual disorder of this era in human history.