Pandemic and the Insanity of Capitalism

Loved ones, nothing has placed in bold relief more than this pandemic, the insanity of capitalism.

33% of people in the United States have the vaccine. 2% of the people in India have been vaccinated. The companies which produce the vaccine are based in the top two capitalist countries in the world, the US and the PRC. The vaccine belongs to the corporation known as the People’s Republic of China. The vaccine is the private property of a few corporations in the US.

The state capitalist PRC pays for the vaccine to be produced by itself and then pays itself. Any profit from the sale of this product goes to itself. The United States government pays the few corporations (with the tax dollars from all of us) for their research and development and production of the vaccine. These corporations, which are solid members of the US monopoly capitalist class (Big Pharma sits at the top with other members of this ruling class), dictate policy to the US government — Biden or Trump, this class does not discriminate, they dictate. Profit determines who lives and who dies in the pandemic, and the goal is… profit.

What is the relationship of democracy and dictatorship in this situation? Democracy for the members of the US monopoly capitalist ruling clique means they get to dictate who lives and who dies. The rest is window dressing.

Intellectual Property Law, that is, private property of ideas, protects these corporations from having to share their recipes. This protects their right to profit. The profit motive is the defining spiritual disorder of this economic system.

While some of you may say, this is obvious — every school child knows this? No, many people do not know that this virus, that this pandemic is the birth child of the capitalist economic system. This is why we must name it, so that the large majority are aware.