Alexander Lynn

Oct 9, 2017

3 min read

Stephen Paddock is an Average Middle Class White Guy

Stephen Paddock is an average middle class White American. Many people from far ranging political perspectives are having a very hard time with this basic and irrefutable fact of his life. Numerous reports, scrutinized by the parody performed by comedian Trevor Noah, appropriate Paddock as “not fitting the profile of a terrorist,” and therefore, “there is nothing to hate about him” (Fox News).

From the more liberal offerings, there is the complaint that “terrorism” is not limited to Muslims or Black NFL players who kneel before the “national anthem” (“the Star Spangled Banner”). These critics opine that “even” “normal” “White guys” can have emotional/psychological problems which lead them to such desperate acts as machine-gunning down 520 people.

This scribe offers a different complaint: Is terrorism not at the heart of what it means to be a White middle class American? Is it not normal, part of the everyday life of White middle class Americans, to support terrorism? Is it not through terrorism that one acquires the status “White middle class American?” Is it not through the terrorism of the United States military that White Americans (3% of the world’s people) are able to consume 28% of the world’s resources? Is it not as terrorists, or as those who benefit from terrorism, that most of the world’s people see White middle class Americans? Is this not how most of the world’s people experience White middle class Americans?

This scribe submits that it is only in “America” (the United States) that White middle class Americans are viewed separately from the pattern of world terrorism committed for centuries by the U.S. military, beginning with the annihilation of the Native population of North America, paralleled by the kidnapping and enslavement of Africans now in America, the unending colonial wars which made parts of Mexico territory “belonging” to the U.S.; ditto for Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, Alaska. Each of these regions of the world was colonized by the United States through military means.

Is it not the failed attempt at colonizing Korea, Vietnam, Central America, Cuba, Southern Africa, is it not the failed military aggression aimed at capturing these territories that the world’s people experience White middle class America? No, it is only inside the United States that there exists this gap between the perception of White middle class America, on one side, and the reality, on the other, of its connection to terrorism. Is not the oil which the United States consumes at copious and scandalous rates gained through stealing (for ExxonMobile) facilitated by unending Middle East war in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Occupied Palestine, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Lebanon, Kuwait, each spearheaded by U.S. geopolitical interests, backed by weapons of mass destruction sold or donated to all sides in the combat by U.S. munitions manufacturers, made possible through direct U.S. military occupation of large areas of the Middle East?

Terrorism is as American as apple pie. The United States military is the #1 terrorist organization on planet Earth ( White middle class Americans owe their dubious status as consumers of 28% of the world’s natural resources to the terrorism of the U.S. military. The liberal state of Massachusetts has more people working (at scandalous rates of pay) for armaments-producing corporations per capita than any other state in the country — in a country which devotes more money to military production than any country in the history of humankind. There is nothing “surprising” about Stephen Paddock. He’s a normal White middle class American.

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