Synagogue Massacre

Alexander Lynn
5 min readOct 29, 2018


A Survey

Social Justice Education offers the following survey in an effort to contribute to the building of an understanding of the current apocalypse of daily violence in this country, called for and applauded by the President, and the ruling group of the United States.

Responses, ranging from one answer to the answering of all twenty questions, will be recorded, tabulated and published on this website. Lucid and logical answers, independent of viewpoint, will be published in full or in part. Thank you for your consideration.

(1) What do you think is the root spirit which underlies this terrorist attack?

(2) How do you see this terrorist attack linked with the daily politically motivated violence in today’s United States?

(3) Of what significance, face-to-face with the daily, unprovoked, murderous attacks on unarmed African Americans and immigrants by police and White American terrorists, is the attack on the synagogue, which so far has resulted in the death of 10 innocent Jews, and that of one police officer, as well as the injury of numerous other civilians and police officers? Is this attack of more significance than the execution of Black citizens taking place in the same week, the same month or the same year? If yes, why? If no, why not?

(4) Immediately as news of the massacre at the Pittsburgh synagogue became public, NBC Pittsburgh affiliate WPXI quoted Jeff Finkelstein, CEO of Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, to this effect: “I just feel horrible for all those people inside,” Finkelstein said. “You know, everyone thinks about Israel in situations like this. It’s just shocking to come back to Squirrel Hill and see something like this.”

What do you think would cause anyone to think first of Israel, after someone is killed in the United States?

(5) Immediately after this story from NBC was published, CNN, Fox News, NBC and CBS each aired an address to the American people by the President of the fascist Likud Party, Benjamin Netanyahu, who is also the current Prime Minister of the Zionist state of Israel. Why is the United States monopoly capitalist media airing an address to the American people by a fascist leader from another country?

(6) Do you think that presidents of African countries should be aired on CNN and NBC after the daily executions in the street of African Americans? If so, why? If not, why not?

(7) When a person or persons of Hungarian heritage are murdered in the United States, do you think the President of Hungary should address the American people? If yes, why? If no, why not?

(8) When President Trump kidnaps the children of immigrants to the United States, should CBS and Fox News air the comments of the Presidents of Guatemala and Mexico on the subject of the kidnapping of children? If yes, why? If no, why not?

(9) The next day after the synagogue massacre, NBC, CBS, ABC and NPR were reporting that “there were two horrific acts of violence or potential violence this week,” both of which had the stamp of terror on them. Each of these news outlets were referring to (1) the fourteen bombs placed by terrorist/white supremacist Cesar Sayoc, which were aimed at former president Obama and other famous personages, and (2) the synagogue massacre. None of them referred to the execution of two Black people, Vickie Lee Jones, 67, and Maurice E. Stallard, 69, who Wednesday of the same week were gunned down, outright murdered, unprovoked in a parking lot near an African American church in Jeffersontown KY by a White man. Stallard, a grandfather, was executed in front of his 12-year-old grandson. Why do you think these lives of Black people matter less, or not at all to the national media?

(10) Law enforcement and the media are … considering the slaughter of this African American grandmother and grandfather as “…possible hate crimes…” What do you think?

(11) Presently, while authorities are trying to figure out whether or not the white supremacist Gregory A. Bush, who slaughtered this grandfather and grandmother on Wednesday, did so because he hated them, he has been given a teddy bear and a therapist, because authorities think he may be mentally ill. Do you think he should also be granted a masseuse? If so, why? If not, why not?

(12) In the year 1935 the Communist International defined fascism as “…the open terrorist dictatorship of the most reactionary, most chauvinistic and most imperialist elements of finance capital.” In what ways does the Zionist daily slaughter of Palestinians, the stealing of Palestinian lands, the starvation of and denial of water to this colonized people — in what ways is the Israeli occupation of Palestine distinguished from the definition of fascism presented above during the rise to power of Nazism?

(13) To the extent that you are aware of American history, in what ways was the degradation, brutalization of, and genocide being committed against African America, in 1935 United States, distinguished from the definition of fascism then offered by the Communist International?

(14) In what ways does today’s treatment of African Americans — daily police murders, the mass incarceration system, the “War on Drugs”, the daily violent attacks perpetrated by White American “citizens” against African Americans, distinguish itself from the definition provided above of a fascist way of life?

(15) What do you think would happen to a Muslim or Black American terrorist who blew into a synagogue in the United States and wiped out over a dozen innocent Jews and numerous police officers? Do you think the authorities would find him a therapist and give him a teddy bear? Do you think the president would say he was probably a good guy? (Bye the bye, this — an African American or a Muslim blowing into a synagogue in the United States — has never happened in the history of this country).

(16) What do you think would happen to an immigrant from Honduras who made 14 pipe bombs and delivered them to three former presidents of the US in an effort to assassinate them? (Bye the bye, nothing remotely resembling such has ever happened in the history of this country.)

(17) To what extent do you think a singular focus on voting, in other words, of relying on the Republicrats and the Demoblicans, will result in the resolution of this mounting campaign of violent repression being meted out against People of Color in general, against women, Muslims, immigrants, and against African Americans in particular?

(18) Trump’s former wife revealed that the president keeps a copy of Mein Kampf on his bed stand. Given that Hitler was no scholar and minimally literate, nevertheless, what do you think the chances are that Trump actually reads this book, or does he merely keep it there in the hopes that its knowledge will seep into his head while he sleeps?

(19) Given that Trump is the mouthpiece of his handlers, what are the chances of Toto, Dorothy’s dog in the Wizard of Oz, running back stage, and pealing back the curtain to reveal the naked body of US monopoly capital?

(20) If the fascist offensive results in the calling forth of Marshall Law, do you think Marshall Law will be directed at you and your freedom? If so, why? If not, why not?