Alexander Lynn

Mar 26, 2018

2 min read

Ten Questions for NPR

It is truly disgusting to listen to your “objective reporting” of the Stephon Clark execution in his grandmother’s backyard:

“The police thought his cell phone was a gun…” That is truly a repulsive non-effort at “objective reporting.” NPR, how do you know what the police thought? Are you mind-readers? Or do you “know” what they thought “…because they told us what they thought”?

Hmmmm, doesn’t the “objective report” then say, “The police TOLD US that they thought his cell phone was a gun…”?

NPR, what about the superior officer who told each of the officers on the scene to mute their body cameras? That doesn’t give you a clue that WHAT THEY SAID THEY THOUGHT may have been coordinated/orchestrated by their superior officer? That doesn’t come to the mind of the objective White American, liberal/white supremacist NPR reporter, huh?

NPR, can you please tell me what it is about a Black man’s cell phone that makes it appear to look like a gun? “Wait, we never said that?” Hold on, NPR, you reported that “The police thought the cell phone looked like a gun…” You reported what you knew of their thoughts. What about the cell phones y’all carry when you’re walking down the sidewalk, multi-tasking in the way that good, liberal, White, white supremacist, NPR reporters do? Why don’t police routinely open fire on you with automatic weapons, riddling your body with 20 bullets in a matter of five seconds? Given all the budget cuts around your way from the openly proto-fascists in Congress, y’all would be extinct by now.

NPR, your liberalism is merely the flip side of the coin of the Klan. You are white supremacists all the same. Your liberalism is a stinking corpse.

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