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“America has always suffered acts of political violence — the terrorism of the Klan; the 1921 massacre of the Black community in Tulsa; the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Democracy has never been a settled, fully stable condition for all Americans, and yet the Trump era is distinguished by the consuming resentment of many right-wing, rural whites who fear being ‘replaced’ by immigrants and people of color, as well as a Republican Party leadership that bows to its most autocratic demagogue and no longer seems willing to defend democratic values and institutions” (Remnick, David, “Is a civil war ahead?,” The New Yorker, January 5, 2022).

The history of fascism has shown that it cannot prosper and endure without the concerted, committed, and ubiquitous cover of liberalism — the handmaiden of the white supremacist/male supremacist system that is the United States of America.

By the Names and Numbers A quantitative look, a look at forms, regarding the above analysis reveals:

“America has always suffered acts of political violence…” That the country called the United States came to be understood to be “America” happened not through “acts of political violence,” BUT through a war of annihilation which lasted for three-hundred+ years against the indigenous population of North America.

The form “America” came through a genocidal campaign which erased tens of millions of Native Peoples off of the planet.

The form “America” was created off the backs of the slave labor of millions of kidnapped Africans. Far from “acts of political violence,” the chattel slavery system was nothing political if not an all-out war of annihilation waged by the European imperialists against the continent of Africa; a war which then continued against the enslaved Africans, waged by the White American nation. Each of our ancestors as African Americans were prisoners of war. The principal form this condition of having lost the war took was what the perpetrators called the economic system of chattel slavery. Naming reality from their perspective, the slavers said that we were slaves — that this condition of our existence… was defining for us. We were not humans; we were defined as our condition. In the same way that someone who suffers from the disease of breast cancer, under the logic of our enslavers, this condition of the sufferer’s existence would be turned into her identity — “Who is she?” “She is cancer.” “Who was her great grandmother?” “She was a slave”…

The United States of America became “America” after hundreds of years of political and economic domination of Latin America, Central America, the Caribbean and Canada by the North American imperialist system.

Democracy is a Form of State …And all states are organs of class rule. The country (state) known as the United States of America has ruled over the Native populations, women, African Americans, and colonized peoples both within the confines of this state — Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Cuba before their socialist revolution, and many others — and outside through the dominance of U.S. corporations in the colonial peoples outside of the formal rule of the U.S. government.

“Democracy has never been a settled, fully stable condition for all Americans…” This level of understatement is so great that quantity turns into quality. The United States of America has never been democracy for African Americans, Native Americans, and colonized peoples. The United States of America has never given women full/equal rights face-to-face with the male population of the country.

To make it appear as an issue of quantity — “they haven’t quite achieved full democracy yet…” — is a cover up that is required to maintain rule. That fascism has been the lot for most women most of the time in America, that fascism before the name was framed has been the lot for African Americans and Native Americans since Columbus, and has continued on to this day, cannot be spoken of openly. Instead, we are offered “forms of expression” whose goals are to minimize, and maintain on a formal, that is, quantitative level the nature of the system.

The nature of the system, that is, the content, the definition, not the look of the system, but its actual content, is one of democracy for the white supremacists/male supremacists, and fascism and lack of rights for the rest of us.

The “Two-Party System” is a Form of Class Rule “…[A] Republican Party leadership that bows to its most autocratic demagogue… no longer seems willing to defend democratic values and institutions”

The United States of America has been in existence for 245 years. The large majority of that time Native Americans were being annihilated, taken off the planet. The large majority of that time African Americans were either suffering de jure slavery or de facto slavery. And now we are finding out from the liberal commentators that those responsible for prosecuting the war against Native America and the war against Africans in America “no longer seem willing to defend democratic values and institutions…”

This “story” is being fed to White liberal Americans by White liberal Americans. The fascists need the critical eye of White liberal Americans “to hold their feet to the fire,” to not let them get too out of control, lest the majority, the oppressed people inside of the United States recognize that we are the majority, and that the future is in our collective hands.

Liberalism owes its existence to fascism. Without fascism liberalism has no reason to be. Liberalism is here for the purpose of calming down the fascists.

Liberalism is a stinking corpse …willing to go down with the ship. The United States of America, 2022 represents the deepest valley of decline of the West, the deepest level of the denouement of Western civilization.

And the liberals cry out: “the Trump era is distinguished by the consuming resentment of many right-wing, rural whites…” The Trump era is distinguished by liberals doing everything they can to downplay the existence of fascism. It is characterized by the collusion of the liberals in the fascist project. Barak Obama, the head liberal, is still talking about jailing for life Edward Snowden for his “crime” of exposing the mass surveillance of the entire population of … the U.S. Snowden exposed that the enemy of the state is the U.S. population itself. For that crime Obama wants him “taken out of circulation.”

“Sleepy Joe” (yes, Trump’s name for the current President) has maintained the entire fascist immigration policy of his forbearer, with one exception: He does not refer to those he is kicking out of the country as “rapists and spics…” The liberals count on “the American people” to be fooled … by forms of discourse…

The foreign policy of the U.S. remains identical to that under Trump with this exception: Biden does not refer to Muslims as “towel heads”…

Now that climate change is immediately threatening the existence of the planet, what do the liberals say to the planet destroyers? “Let’s double the gas prices…” Who benefits from this “policy”?

“Is a civil war ahead?” The history of liberalism over the period of capitalist imperialism (a period defined by hydrogen bombs, world wars, and genocidal campaigns against peoples of color nations all over the world), is the history of caving in to the fascists, of currying favor to the fascists, of bowing down to the fascists. There is no time in the history of fascism where the liberals inside a capitalist power have stood up to fight it. (In the pre-imperialist era of capitalism, a war was fought against the slavers, a war which resulted in 560,000 deaths of U.S. citizens and enslaved Africans/that is, humans who were not citizens… In this dying era of the system, this type of sacrifice cannot be counted on.)

Fascism as a political form, is distinguished from colonialism as a political system, by the fact that it is resorted to inside a capitalist country. There is no examples since the capitalist class has resorted to fascist rule where the liberals inside the country fought it. To the extent that the ruling class of this country resorts to fascist rule, the David Remnick’s, the New Yorker’s, the Barak Obama’s, and the Joe Biden’s will each be … looking for jobs from the fascists.

As long as the liberals hold fast to their prescription — “acts of political violence” — and steer clear of the fact of the United States of America as a system of political, social and economic violence against the majority for the large majority of its existence; as long as the liberals hold to this “line of thinking,” they will be readying themselves to get jobs in the new military dictatorship of the Trumpites.

“The 1921 massacre of the Black community in Tulsa…” That was a prosperous Black community. That is why they were annihilated. The rest of us were in a condition of slavery or semi-slavery. To point to this pogrom and fail to note that the rest of us have ever been enslaved, is part and parcel of the liberal compendium; believable by only those who have a stake in this “vision…”

Have faith in the liberals’ willingness to fight “a civil war” to “defend democracy”? Count on this to your own peril.




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