Josefina Vasquez

Israeli soldiers shot tear gas across the border with Gaza on Friday as Palestinians gathered for demonstrations expected to last six weeks

The Zionist Jewish terrorism committed by the illegal state of Israel and its occupation forces against the native Palestinian population, which grossly impacts innocent families, must come to an end with a one-state solution, by recovering Palestine, expelling the European Zionists to their countries of origin, and by supporting the RIGHT OF RETURN of the Palestinian people.

DNA studies completed in 2012 by the prestigious John Hopkins School of Public Health resulted in proving that the Palestinians are the direct descendants of the ancient Jews of Palestine, who converted to Christianity in the third century; and the majority of these converted to Islam in the sixth century. That is why 65% of Palestinians are Muslims and 35% are Christians. The minute minority that remained Jewish are the Mizrahi. They look Arab, except as 2nd class citizens they are treated much better than their Muslim and non-religious Palestinian brethren.

The Israel military occupation of Palestine

The overwhelming number of Ashkenazi Jews (White Jews) converted to Judaism 1,000 years ago and were originally descendants from the Khazars of Northern Turkey and Southern Russia. They escaped persecution by migrating to Eastern and Northern European countries like Germany. In Ancient Rome the conversion to Judaism became common, and it was another reason why Italy had a large Jewish community. In other words, if you hold to the concept of the CHOSEN PEOPLE — in reality you end up referring to the Palestinians, descendants of the ancient biblical Hebraic Jews.

Chosen what? All DNA studies from Albert Einstein School of Public Health in NYC, Stanford University in California, University of Huddersfield in the UK, prove that Ashkenazi Jews have no ancestors from the Middle East. They are running a race against time before the world realizes that only the Palestinians have a direct link to the Ancient Hebraic Jews. The Zionists have based their atrocities and ethnic cleansing on the falsehood that they were RETURNING and therefore because of the Holocaust the “international community” — that is, the white supremacist US and UK) supported their Zionist dream of occupying Palestine, a land without a people. Only problem: Palestinians lived on the land for 3,000 years, with poems written about Palestine that are many years old, and maps printed of Palestine 2,000 years ago.

Meanwhile, the Zionists could not have returned to where they had no ancestry as non-Semites. The Germans were the first to identify the Ashkenazi Jews as Semitic during WWII in justifying their final solution against Communists, Resistance Organizers, Jews, Gypsies, Gays, and People with Disabilities, plus many Poles because they were descendants of Serbs. The Nazi Germans, without historical tools to analyze the ancestry of European Jews, developed a
misnomer during WWII. The imperialists have held the rest of world hostage utilizing the terminology of Semitic whose true origins are of Arabic/Hebraic roots from only the Middle East, erroneously used by the Nazis during the height of their power. Yet, the World Imperialist Order has conveniently pursued as leverage this fantasy to plant a Zionist Racist/Fascist Anti-Semitic entity to destroy Palestine, and other Arab nations and their immediate neighbors when they do not toe the line. What is known is that for thousands of years the Arabs of the Middle East identified themselves as descendants of Sem the son of Noah, therefore, Semites or Semitic peoples.

The real oxymoron within this tale of persecution against the Semitic Palestinians of Palestine remains within a core piece of German history. The Ashkenazi Jews whose ancestors which included Romans, who converted massively to Judaism in the third century, and Khazars primarily from northern Turkey and southern Russia converted to Judaism during the seventh and eight centuries. Many Roman Jews within time started migrating to Northern European countries and the Khazarian Jews migrated to Eastern European countries as they fled persecution.

The Zionist Jewish terrorism committed by the illegal state of Israel and its occupation forces against the native Palestinian population, which grossly impacts innocent families must come to an end with a one-state solution by recovering Palestine and expelling the European Zionists to their countries of origin and supporting the RIGHT OF RETURN OF THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE TO THEIR LANDS AND HOMES!.