The First Woman in 33 Years

Media Coverage of the Boston Marathon

Dear NPR:

Are you aware how many times your commentators said that Desi was “the first woman in 33 years…” Each of your commentators, both women and men, used this phraseology repeatedly. In a couple of instances the reporter “corrected” herself and said, “I mean the first American woman…” Note the “correction” failed to say “the first White American woman.”

In identical fashion to the way you reported that “the police thought his cell phone was a gun…” (in the execution of Stephen Clark…), I’m certain that in each of the cases where your commentator failed to “correct” himself, you would argue that “What he meant to say was ‘American woman’…” No, you can’t have it both ways: “On one hand, we are stone White nationalists. On the other hand, we are liberals who really love all people.” You said what you meant. American women are women, in general. Every other woman from whatever nationality on planet Earth does not rise to the level of being “a woman.” Each of them for 33 years is less than a woman.

“The first woman in 33 years.” The celebrations reminded me of a White nationalist rally. I am a Black nationalist. But, unlike liberal white supremacists like NPR, I have no compunction about admitting this. In loving African Americans, I and we oppress, exploit and abuse no one. The White nation oppresses, dominates and exploits hundreds of nations and peoples around the world day after day for decades and centuries.

As a Black nationalist, I am also a lover of humanity, and also of athleticism as a democratizing element in today’s bizarre social conditions. I found Desi Linden to be graceful and beautiful; this disposition amid the din of the White nationalist rally at the finish line and in NPR’s newsroom. In other words, even though I was inundated with the white nationalist spirit oozing from your reporters who insisted that only White American women are women, I was still able to feel great admiration for her accomplishment. She’s not White nationalist. You are.

“It was just a slip of the tongue…,” over and over again? It was a Freudian slip which each of you made repeatedly. This is no accident. It is your ideology. It is your spiritual disposition.

You can point to all types of formal differences between yourselves and the Klan. When it comes to substance, there is nothing distinguishing your ideology — “the first woman in 33 years…” — from that of the Klan. You are not simply Euro-centrists. You take it to another level. Any woman from a European country, who won this race in the last 33 years, does not rise to the level of a woman according to your ideology. Only White American women.

You are not Euro-centrists. You are White American nationalists. You are stone Klan without the sheets.


Alexander Lynn