The Pilgrims are still on the Settler Road

As spiritual beings we always keep up front that our liberation rests on our steadfastness in addressing the illness from the inside out, from inside of ourselves as individuals in community, inside our peoples, from inside our Womanist original selves, and from inside our class. Yes, the international working class shall be the human race; and this remains an inside job.

But, it is also mandatory that as we recover, we must return to our origins to understand the source of our internal contradictions. Yes, internal contradictions are the basis for change. However, external contradictions are the condition for change. We must not be confused about this. The Pilgrims are still coming for us. This is our cross to bear. These are the special external conditions under which we must transform ourselves. Lack of clarity on this question will lead to disaster.

The settlers are still settling us. They’re settling us with their psychotropic drugs to “cure” us of “our mental illness.” They are settling us with their for-profit prisons in which our Brothers and Sisters, nieces and nephews labor produces goods for the “free market.”

They are settling us with their celebration of legalization of marijuana: Yes, as our young men languish in prison for long sentences after having been “caught”… selling marijuana, Mr. White Businessman is coming into our community with his legalized marijuana store. They are still settling us. We are now being told that when Mr. White Businessman sells us marijuana legally, now marijuana is good for us. We must not celebrate with him.

The Pilgrims are still training us as porn has established itself as the number-one form of internet entertainment. They are still settling in our souls as violence against women is hammered into our consciousness as co-equal with sexual “fun.”

The Pilgrims are still on Pilgrim Road, sex trafficking children — through this market the raping of children has become one of the most popular sports for wealthy men world-wide.

The Pilgrims are still coming with their security guard jobs, where they make it mandatory for us to carry a weapon, so that… the police can come and machine-gun us down for the crime of… carrying a weapon.

The settlers are still on the settler road. They are settling us in the world’s largest open-air prison, known by the peoples as Occupied Palestine. They are settling us in Iraq, in the Dominican Republic/Haiti, Afghanistan, Puerto Rico, Yemen, Colombia.…

The Pilgrims are still accepting our gifts of corn and maize, as they prepare to steal our land, physically eliminate most of us, and then make the rest of us slave … over corn fields for them.

Yes, since apartheid South Africa was taken down (though the spirit of the Pilgrims still lives on in that country — it is no easy task to uproot centuries of Pilgrim spirit!), the world has been reduced to five major settler states: the United States, Australia, Israel, New Zealand and Canada. But, for as long as the male supremacist/white supremacist system exists, the settlers will be on the settler road. So long as human society is split between exploiting and exploited classes, between oppressor and oppressed classes, the Pilgrims will continue to march down Pilgrim Road. This is a social law of this era in human history.

We must start from within to address the source of our illness. We must not lose sight of the conditions under which we heal ourselves: Yes, the Fitchburg State basketball player looked at the ref first before he sucker-punched that White boy. Every news channel showed this video clip over 1000 times, over-and-over for six straight days. (This is the methodology underneath the settling of the Pilgrim spirit deep within us). “What an animal,” “what a subhuman”… is this… Brother. Bye the bye, they also have video of the police murdering Jemel Roberson as he did his job by subduing a suspected sniper at his place of work. How many times have you seen that video?

The question answers itself. We must be clear that the settlers are still on the settler road. Lack of clarity on this question will lead to disaster for us, Sisters, Brothers and Comrades.