The Story of my Family

Immigrant Stories, Immigrant Lives


My name is Dania and my husband’s name is Emanuel. We have been married for three years. We have a baby boy named Emmanuel Jr. who is 19 months old.

My sister-in-law Manuella lives with us in Boston, MA. Every day for us is a different experience. This little family of mine recently expanded to include my brother Werby, and my mother-in-law. They live in Medford. My husband and my sister both work at Hertz Rent-a-Car at Logan Airport, and my brother works at Harvard.

One time my family took a trip to New York to visit my aunty for the first time. Once we got there, she was so happy to see my husband for the first time. She was telling us stories about her grandmother, and when she concluded her story she cooked up a delicious Haitian dinner. For some time after dinner she continued telling us stories and jokes.

That was a great trip. Sadly, one month later she passed away. We made another trip to New York to pay our respects. This time there were no jokes.


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