The Term (referring to people of European ancestry) ‘Caucasian’ is Racist.

Marlena, that was good. The first place to move away from, and this is a pattern born of racist ideology, is to refrain from claiming any people to be part of a sub-species of the human race: Caucasian is a racist category when allegedly referring to a sub species. Such a pattern with language is entirely born of the white supremacist/male supremacist system under which we live in this country. There is, biologically speaking (and race is entirely a biological term), no sub-species of the human race. There is only one race — humankind.

Living in the US is to live in an entirely insulated place. International Law knows of countries, nations, peoples and racism. Yes, that would be the United Nations. This body, representing the vast majority of countries and peoples of the world, has respectful language, instead of racist language. Everyone on the planet (not just people of European heritage) belongs to a country, a nation or a people. These are social constructs. People, in their millions, make countries, nations and peoples. A nationality (a people) is not a biological designation. Caucasian, mongoloid and negroid, niggers, spics, chinks and honkies are each also social constructs. However, they purport to be addressing biological phenomena, 100% falsely.

This is just a suggestion: If you get that the term “Caucasian” is a racist concept, then moving forward we can refer to people with respectful and accurate monikers. The people of the world generally do not follow the US in its deep-rooted, born-of-the-chattel-slavery-system terminology.

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