The “United States of America” is a Multinational State

  1. All peoples are named with a proper name, deserving a capital letter: this would include Puerto Ricans, Indonesians, Cambodians and… Black Americans.
  2. black is a color, a quantity; it is not a human quality. There is no individual human being on planet Earth whose skin color is black. This is biological fact, my Brother.
  3. I call you “my Brother,” in reference to the fact that we come from the same nationality. African Americans, by International Law are a people (a nationality, “of nation.” “Nationality”and “people” are identical terms in International Law). And, as I’m certain you are aware, Jeremy, a cultural proclivity specific to African Americans is that we call ourselves “Brother” and “Sister” — this is part of our culture, part of our ways as a people.
  4. Asia is a continent. When referring to people as Asian, whoever is speaking is making a geographical reference. Inside of that geography there are numerous social phenomenon: countries, nations and peoples, China, Tibetan, Vietnamese, Japanese — each of these constructs are socially (not geographically) engendered. None of them are biological phenomenon.
  5. Oriental, while you have no problem with it, is a racist term. Why? Because it presumes sub-species to the human race. Biological science has proven that there are no sub-species to the human race. When they (White people) call Black folk a “race,” they are saying that we a are a sub-species of humanity. No such a-thing. Any sub-division of humans are socially engendered, not genetically originated. Hence the United States of America (this political phenomenon) is made by humans (it is not a biological designation). It is a multinational state (“state” and “country” are identical terms in International Law). In other words, Chicanos, Puerto Ricans, Hawaiians, Native Nation Peoples, African Americans and.. White Americans are each nations and/or peoples inside the multi-national state known as the United States of America.
  6. How is this project not merely white supremacist, but male supremacist as well? Because male supremacy is about dominance and organized violence - one section of the population to the next. Since before Europeans began going around the world conquering the rest of the people of the world (the white supremacist project — thereby giving birth to what is now known as “Western civilization”), they were conquering and dominating each other (the male supremacist project). Domination is first of all about male supremacy.
  7. Naming ourselves according to the nomenclature of International Law is healthy. Naming ourselves by white supremacist or male supremacist standards is unhealthy.



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