The Zionist-Sponsored Global Ruling Class

Of Ideologies and Rabbit Holes

The following is written in response to the pronouncements of certain Leftists on the nature of the current era of history in which we are living. It is written to specific comments of a dear friend. All names have been changed. All comments are welcome.

Guadalupe, I must apologize. I can’t publish this piece as is. You and I have not finished our discussion of your “radical” White friends and their ideological aberration of the “global ruling class”:

What is ideology? Guadalupe, you and I have always used social science, historical materialism, to analyze social phenomena. I have been telling you that I’m no longer ideological. I believe ideology began with the emergence of the first social classes, men over women. The first ideology was that of men explaining why women were inferior. The next entrenchment of the use of a system of thought whose logic brooks no contradiction, ideology, was the emergence of religion. Religion emerged to explain why some people were born to rule and some people were born to be slaves. Religion was born of class society. Before class society humans in indigenous extended families/circles had a vast array of spiritual principles guiding their efforts to survive their habitats; such which varied in response to different ecological/environmental conditions all over the globe.

Guadalupe, ideology is defined by its close-ended nature. Until capitalism became the world system, religion was the most significant, if not the most widespread form of ideology. It is “my god” which is “right,” and no other god is acceptable. Bourgeois ideology, as you are very well aware, justifies capitalism, exploitation, the domination of one economic class over others, and the domination of one country over others. Bourgeois ideology sanctions the perpetuation of patriarchy from the older class societies. In its last, dying stage, bourgeois ideology extends the use of white supremacy to a fever pitch. That is the project of bourgeois ideology — it’s very flexible; it seems very “democratic.” Indeed, it is very democratic — it justifies democracy for the capitalist class. Bourgeois ideology looks very elastic — just do not go beyond its bounds. If you do, you are “wrong” and need to be expelled or squashed.

What is social science? I no longer believe in “the ideology of the working class.” This, I believe, leads to horrors like Stalinism, the cult of personality which was used to overthrow socialism in China (the capitalist roaders turned Mao into empty phrases… and then set up state capitalism), and it leads to the rigidity which has led to so many failures on the socialist road. Our White Marxists are being ideological with their “stages of history,” which coincidentally follows the story of “ancient Europe,” as if it is god’s story. “Feudalism is a universal stage in history.”… because Europeans went through it. Slavery is a stage that every peoples has gone through in the same way Europeans went through it? That’s ideology. It’s not social science. African and Asian social scientists have proven that stages of history from communalism — indigenous society the world-over — to socialism vary in various areas of the globe and according to the specific history of specific peoples in the world. Ideology permits no variation.

I do believe in the spirit of internationalism. I do believe in the spirit of communism. The spirituality that underlies the socialist revolution is not rigid. It is growing, and living. It is not a blueprint. Love is a major spiritual principle, and love is the inspiration of most socialists and revolutionaries to work for a brighter day for the world’s people.The peoples are creating socialism now. It’s not a religion. It is not someone being “right”. Am I right about this? No. I don’t need to be right. All I need to do is try my best to contribute to the cause of humanity and Mother Earth during my time on the planet.

Having said all of the above, ideology is a rabbit hole. Once you go down the rabbit hole of Zionism, you never come back out. Once you go down the rabbit hole of “the Global Zionist Banker Nexus,” you are in danger of falling into it to the exclusion of the scientific method.

Historical materialism is not an ideology. It is a method and a theory. We use the tools of social science to try to understand how social phenomena have come into being, how they are developing, and to try to determine how we can influence them to benefit humankind.

The science of medicine is useful for its practitioners in discovering physical illness and ailments. People guided by spiritual principles do not understand medical science to be “god.” Nor are the limits of health insurance, the co-payments and the issuance of debilitating psychotropic drugs beyond the purview of a power greater than each of these, such which ultimately has the final say. The science of medicine is not infallible, and at its best it is not ideological. Under capitalism it is subject to the ideology of the profit motive (Big Pharma, insurance company premiums, hospital conglomerates, etc.). Such significantly limits the power of the science in its practice.

The ideology that the World/Global Banker Jewry is this united monolith confounds social science. It basically eschews sound method and theory.

What era of human history are we living in? Humans have not yet left the era of imperialism — the threshold of the socialist revolution. This is a theory. Let’s see whether it fits reality: This theory says that the difference between emergent and mature capitalism, on one side, and monopoly capitalism, on the other, is the relative absence of competition in monopoly capitalism. Guadalupe, the greatest literature of communism of the early 20th century (Lenin, for example) shows that within this theory of the absence of competition is… World War I!! Can there be any more presence of competition than a world war? Guadalupe, the answer to that question is “No.” The greatest literature of the mid-twentieth century, explaining the nature of imperialism (Mao, for example) unveils World War II. Can there be any more glaring contradiction to the ideology of monolith than world war? World war is the definition of competition, infinite competition until death. Russia, the emergence of state monopoly capitalism in China? Each of these current social phenomena strengthens and deepens the theory that under monopoly capitalism competition between capitalist powers continues until the death of the system. This is a social law of the last stage of capitalism.

Guadalupe, the “World/Global Jewish Cabal” cannot be substantiated against the fact of competition between US imperialism and Chinese social imperialism; the competition between US imperialism and Russian imperialism. This ideology is a rabbit hole. Once you go down it, social science gets thrown out the window.

There is no global Banker Jewish Cabal. US Imperialism dominates… Zionist imperialism. The Fascist Zionist state is a client state of US imperialism, and it does the bidding of US imperialism. There is no monolith. There is still deathly competition between imperialist powers. Chinese social imperialism is rearing its ugly head. The Global Zionist Nexus ideology has no answer for China, does it? There is no “global ruling class” as long as the system of classes exists. There will always be competition among ruling classes of different countries. This is a social law of this period in human history. Only the tools of historical materialism can disclose the social laws of our time. Hatred for Jewish bankers will not get it done.