White Americans Identify with Jeffrey Dahmer

Response to Ana Coughlin’s “Christopher Scarver: The Man Who Killed Jeffery Dahmer” (https://anacoughlin.medium.com/christopher-scarver-the-man-who-killed-jeffery-dahmer-2d00f50a92e2)

Dear Ana Coughlin, I’ve been living in the midst of White Americans my entire life. And at once I’m amazed that I need to ask such questions as: “Why did you write this article?,” or “What point do you want to make?,” or “What insight have you offered to help us understand the distinctly American phenomenon of Jeffrey Dahmer?”

While I’m amazed at the colossal level of ignorance your article exemplifies, at the same time I must constantly remind myself that your level of ignorance is not aberration, it is the norm of a sick and dying culture.

You introduce the countenance of this central representative of White America, indeed of Western civilization, with an outright lie: “Jeffery Dahmer, the serial killer who killed 17 men, ate parts of their bodies and had sex with their dead bodies….” Jeffrey Dahmer was a white supremacist, pedophile cannibal. He didn’t kill men. He prayed upon Black and Brown children, boys. In typical white supremacist fashion, you would like all of us to believe that when it comes to people other than White Americans and Europeans, it doesn’t matter whether you are 13 years old or 50 — “If you are Black, we see you as a threat; someone eligible to be eaten.”

Dahmer killed and ate boys.

You then reduce the identity of the Black and Brown boys by calling them “minorities,” i.e. White American parlance for “less than,” “of lesser value as human beings…”

White Americans are less than 3% of humanity, yet have acquired 24% of the wealth of the world’s people and consume 27% of the world’s natural resources. While doing so, you have cornered the market on such social niceties as serial killing. I guess this qualifies the rest of us as “minor”… We didn’t create the atom bomb, world wars, and settler states whose foundation rests on the bones of indigenous peoples against whom you committed genocide. Clear evidence that we are “minor.”

Dahmer was a special representative of your people, since he took the Western civilization project to its logical conclusion — he ate our children. It seems you feel uncomfortable with this? So, you write an article, devoid of any particular vision, save for its effort to paint Dahmer’s killer as someone as despicable as Dahmer.

A key element of your evidence that the person who put Dahmer out of his misery was as demented a representative of your culture as was Dahmer, was that “From the beginning, Scarver didn’t like Jeffery Dahmer.” Hmmmm, yes, this is a problem: From his first meeting a serial pedophile cannibal he didn’t like him.

You concluded that Dahmer’s killer was not “racially motivated” (in white terminology, he was not driven by hatred for White people). His actions were “…simply a case of jealousy and resentment that Dahmer was a celebrity in prison.”

Ms. Coughlin, when you conclude your directionless article by telling us that the person who put Dahmer out of his misery was then given two life sentences (undoubtedly more time than Dahmer), you sound like you are cheering.

With “journalism” like yours, Ms. Coughlin, what need do we have for the perspective of any of the other 97% of the world’s people who are not White American?



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